Yoga Practice

Yoga with Sarah

There are layers to realising embodiment. Its more than exercise or movement, there is an awareness of sensation and feeling in the body. Depth embodiment practices encourage a self-awareness or personal development practice.
As an embodiment coach and yoga teacher I gently and skilfully combine yoga with bodily awareness. I facilitate a compassionate, safe holding space for your personal unfolding. Through classes you will develop a kindful learning relationship with yourself. I hold Psychosynthesis at the core of all my qualifications, having the best part of 2 decades of experience in holistic body, mind and spirit practices.
I run two types of embodied yoga classes:

Yoga Practice

60 Minute Yoga Flows

Aimed at newcomers. I teach all the asanas, bandhas and pranayama breathing techniques of  ancient Traditional Tantra Yoga. The purpose is to build confidence in, and kindfulness towards your body whilst learning the practice of yoga.
When the Traditional Yoga flows are practiced regularly, your muscular skeletal system realigns, creating space to allow a balanced flow of hormones, emotions and consciousness; an integration of body, mind and spirit.
The yoga is a meditative flow, releasing the stress of the every day.

90 Minute Yoga Flows

When you feel confident in the yoga basics you are ready to move onto my 90 minute sessions. The class is designed live in response to the presenting themes of attendees.

I invite you into a depth embodied yoga practice where you will become more self-aware, develop a kindful relationship with yourself and you will leave feeling grounded, balanced and relaxed.

Join a morning class on a Tuesday or Friday or an evening class on a Tuesday or Thursday


Practicing Yoga

""I’m a 54 year old, menopausal mother carrying at least a stone extra weight. Not the type of person you could imagine doing yoga. Since starting with Sarah I’ve learnt to listen to my body. She is the most caring and generous teacher. Some weeks I’m proud of what I achieve but others I struggle. One thing Sarah said that made me think is, be forgiving of your body.  It’s true, we beat ourselves up if we can’t do a pose but our body works hard for us so I must learn to be more forgiving if I struggle. Thanks Sarah. Xx"

Ashtanga Yoga

"We both enjoyed the yoga classes. Sometimes challenging and with rests after each pose we felt we really began to relax and stretch out tight areas that once seem impossible to get to. The breath work really helped us to relax & focus and we were both left keen for more. Sarah encourages in a very sensitive manner to push through barriers that over time we have created for ourselves. I now understand I am Stronger than I ever thought! Thank you Sarah"

Yoga Pose

"I've been teaching yoga for 15 years but love Sarah Howard's classes.  Cant wait to do more!"

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