Leadership coaching plays a crucial role in developing & supporting today’s leaders to be able to meet the challenges they will face in tomorrow’s organisations. Holistic leadership coaching works at both a psychological and body intelligence level, and can be a depth embodiment process that will bring about tangible change for an individual from the inside out, within the wider context of societal change & evolution.

Sarah encapsulates the essence of holistic coaching from an open heart to activate her client's will, whilst engaging with fundamental questions of identity, purpose, meaning & values. Below are some of the ways you may find Sarah's coaching will help you.

Feminine Leadership

"I realise that through Leadership Coaching with Sarah, I now bring more feminine leadership qualities of compassion and empathy to my team. This is an authentic expression of my leadership style and it differentiates me from many other leaders around me. Recently I was aware of conflict in the group, I could sense that people were unhappy. In the past I may have thought I had done something wrong and given myself a hard time internally. This time I brought everyone together to express their challenges. Listening to the group it was clear many of them just did not feel involved. I held my team with compassion which allowed them to express, clear, reconnect and reform in a new and better way. Compassion and empathy are at the heart of feminine leadership. I now see that I can hold a team in the face of adversity whilst supporting them to perform and progress in the delivery of a radical new project with uncertain outcome."

As compassion & empathy develop, leaders can better support transitions through crises. It is now recognised that these more feminine traits, though not exclusive to women leaders, also bring honesty & decisiveness in leaders that inspire & transform through nurturing positive attitudes & beliefs. Such leaders are talent agents that develop a culture of mentoring, coaching & personal development which nurtures growth through inspiration, creativity, & productivity, whilst being cognisant of environmental boundaries. The leader is equipped & skilled to lead from a place of power & confidence, holding multiple projects with uncertainty, & delivering transformational outcomes that support the whole system.


Transforming Relationships

"Sarah often talks about changing the inner dynamics and how this transforms outer relationships, even locations of work. My work is on the frontier of Public Services There is so much expectation and scrutiny from all directions both inside my organisation and from the general public. This can be overwhelming. Sarah has helped me to integrate my mind and body in my day-to-day decision making. I have noticed that the head chatter has reduced a lot. Acting from the gut and trusting it has been very productive. I live by the values of self-compassion and am now in an environment that supports me in a nurturing way."

As the inner & outer knowing of oneself embeds, an understanding about relationship emerges bringing right relations, changing the way the leader impacts others. This further expands into social interaction with the group, both inside & outside the organisation, influencing organisational culture change. Emergence of collaboration & co-creation unlocks potential across the whole system, resulting in higher levels of team engagement, performance, & productivity.


Value, Meaning & Purpose

"I realise now that being on the frontier of change and carving new pathways add value, meaning and purpose to my life. I did not realise I would have so much courage and be so brave in the face of adversity. Coaching with Sarah has made me feel much stronger. I have surprised myself with my levels of resilience.  Confidence breeds confidence, and this escalates outwards."

Coaching encourages deeper understanding of oneself both as a leader & an individual at the level of values, meaning, & purpose which clarify & motivate to achieve inner & outer change.


Improved Wellbeing

"Leadership coaching with Sarah has increased my self-awareness and understanding of how I impact the team. I am aware of feelings of stress, when I move into driven doing mode, and when my worry list is impacting others. So, I check in, rebalance myself, and utilise the creative tension in a more productive way. There is a balance to be found to maintain the flow of productivity of the team in the face of urgency."

Coaching offers individuals an opportunity to experience a way of being at work & staying present whilst moving towards an uncertain goal or outcome.  This brings acceptance & moderation to striving & driving. Inevitably, improved well-being occurs across the whole working community, reducing mental health costs & improving organisational culture through increased staff loyalty, retention & morale.


Systemic Perspective

"Through these unprecedented times I have really benefitted from the daily self-reflection skills that I learned through Sarah’s coaching. This has prevented me from becoming overwhelmed by a sense of not being good enough or even imposter syndrome. My brain is not taken over by everything going wrong. Yesterday was a blip; this enables me to think about the team and progressing forward."

Coaching encourages a systemic perspective. Individuals & organisations are not viewed as independent stand-alone entities but are part of a whole global ecosystem. Clients gain a wider systemic perspective of how the macro system impacts the local environment, community, economy & individual. This brings inclusion of diverse viewpoints, social cohesion & overcoming systemic bias. It also develops new concepts of value around environmental ceilings & supports changes in behaviour & plans to protect the environment, habitats & species.


Sarah has helped me unlock a truly transformational understanding of the purpose I am pursuing through my work – and more broadly, in my life. I have found her wisdom, generosity of spirit and warmth incredibly supportive as I grapple with the challenging work of co-designing new (and generative) economic pathways for governments and institutions around the world. Her insights have always been acute, and she knows when to go deeper into the analytical work and when to explore more deeply inner peace and mindfulness through meditation.

"Working with Sarah is like surfing a wave of unfolding potential - purposeful, perspective giving and powerful!   I love how she skilfully blends tools and processes that activate my whole self - my head, heart and hands.   As a result I feel that I am gaining more clarity on my life's direction, improving my relationships and strengthening my leadership.   If you are interested in new paradigm leadership or learning to live the full experience of life then it is worth getting in touch with Sarah!"


Executive Director, educational charity

Woman in Suit

"I am not perfect; I still have learning edges and I am aware that this can impact the team. With my self-awareness, tools, and team communication, I continue to grow on my personal development journey. Sarah’s 6 session coaching model is invaluable through challenging times and transitions. She skilfully responds to whatever I bring to a session with a combination of logic, theory and practical exercises that draw out and integrate what is trying to emerge within me."

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