Mindfulness can bring a curiosity for personal discovery, finding one’s true self, becoming a witness and observer of all experience. In this 4 week course, you will add new skills to your toolbox of life. You will learn foundational mindfulness tools and through their application how to be:

  • more centred, aware, balanced and connected - to yourself, others and to nature.

  • more aware of what is going on in the present moment, attending to it and relating to it with acceptance and compassion.

  • in flow with life. freeing you from ups and downs and enjoying natural  unfolding creation.

Liquid Drop


By integrating and developing mindfulness into your daily life you will:

  • become more authentic through experiencing the congruence of your true nature.

  • understand different perspectives.

  • implement permanent change through inner kindness, acceptance and curiosity.

  • find deeper meaning to your work and personal life.

  • develop stronger relationships built upon trust. 

  • experience improved well-being, creativity and productivity.

Mindfulness with Sarah

A four week brain training programme where we systematically train ourselves to be in the present moment and turn towards experience. Through the key attitudinal foundations, mindfulness teaching and practice makes the present moment a wonderful place to be. The focus is on thoughts, body, breath, senses emotions and feeling, whatever is most present or dominant; relaxation may well be a by-product of practice.


Business Woman with Laptop

 By combining mindfulness with 1:1 coaching ,Sarah has helped me unlock a truly transformational understanding of the purpose I am pursuing through my work – and more broadly, in my life. I have found her wisdom, generosity of spirit and warmth incredibly supportive as I grapple with the challenging work of co-designing new (and generative) economic pathways for governments and institutions around the world. Her insights have always been acute, and she knows when to go deeper into the analytical work and when to explore more deeply inner peace and mindfulness through meditation.

Confident Woman

 The Course couldn't have come at a better time for me. It really allowed me to open my heart  and more importantly to stay positive through a challenging situation. The different themed sessions were really enjoyable. I took a lot away with me to work on in the future. I happily recommend this course to anyone considering taking part. 

Woman in Suit

Thank you Sarah for this course. I believe I have found you at the right time in my life as I move forward on my journey. It is a very exciting time for me realising that I am the one who creates my life experiences through my thoughts and feeling patterns. I have seen a shift in my thought patterns and behaviours. I know my life is changing so much for the better. So excited to be discovering my true inner self.