Sarah Howard

I specialise in coaching overachievers, over thinkers and recovering perfectionists out of their creative rut into a place where they can get things done and feel good about themselves. My learning ground was in high-stress private and public sector environments leading large teams, presenting financial strategy and reporting on the delivery of change projects up to the value of half a billion pounds. In boardrooms I often sat with the feeling of powerlessness. I was frustrated and often angry about the lack of change. I could see very clearly where we needed to be and where we were, but I simply couldn’t get the organisation or the people within it to change. I burned myself out on more than one occasion. Nothing for me was ever good enough.


I don't know about you, but I seem to have been taught that the only way to get things done is to keep going, keep pushing through, keep doing, and on my own if necessary. The result was a life and a version of me that I didn’t like all that much.

If you've found me, it's more than likely that you've realised that just working harder isn't getting you where you want to be, and you've decided that there must be a better way. You may be wondering whether you are in the right workplace. You may be feeling exhausted and close to burnout. Maybe all you want to do is create change for the good of the world! Maybe you are thinking “why can’t I make a difference?” You probably want to feel more ease, grace, and fulfillment, and less exhaustion. That’s certainly how I felt.

There absolutely is another way.

I'm an advocate for using self-awareness to help people manage their energy and their emotions to build a more sustainable and authentic way of living and working in the world.

When we find ourselves centered and embodied, we begin to feel our potential and have the possibility of integrating more of our empowered authentic self. We become healthier and more productive. We become more creative and innovative. We have better relationships and are better at co-creating. This is because we are taking a step in the direction of our purpose, bringing value and meaning into our lives. Some of the greatest scientists and thinkers of our times such as Gabor Mate, Stephen Porges, Ken Wilber, Peter Levine, Frederick Laloux, believe that this is the pathway towards resolving the global problems of our times. This is what I am passionate about. This is my calling. This is what I am offering to my clients.

Through our life experiences we have all learned at some point that we are powerless. We have learned costly coping strategies to enable us to survive which took us away from our power. We continue to use those survival patterns in the present.

There is nothing to fix. There is no potential to develop. I will support you to synthesise your whole authentic self.

With me, you will learn how to hack your fear with power and love. Love without power is ineffective, power without love is brutal. It’s a personal journey of empowerment through embodiment. I will work with you from the inside out, and outside in. You will develop body awareness and wisdom. You will start to understand your limiting patterns and step into your full power finding yourself in new situations. You will be healthier and more productive. You will be more creative and innovative. You will have better relationships in all aspects of your life.


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