Sarah Howard

Sarah is a Psychosynthesis Leadership Coach with further qualifications in systemic and embodiment disciplines. She specialises in coaching overachievers, over thinkers and recovering perfectionists out of their creative rut into a place where they can get things done and feel good about themselves.


Sarah has over 30 years experience as a Chartered Accountant working to design and implement change up to the value of half a billion pounds in both the public and private sectors. This is invaluable in understanding and relating to the difficulties her leadership clients face implementing sustainable global change. Further qualifications and skills in teaching, mindfulness and yoga make her a one-woman illustration of human wholeness, with coaching supporting her integration.

Sarah takes her clients on a personal journey of empowerment through embodiment. She works from the inside out, and outside in. Her clients develop body awareness and wisdom through sensitivity. They start to understand their limiting patterns which hinder their leadership potential and achievement of goals. Clients quickly step into their authentic power and create new situations where they are healthier and more productive. They find themselves more creative and innovative, within better co-creative relationships.


Sarah's Top 8 Strengths

  • Exploring Possibilities - developing concepts, applying theories & identifying underlying principles

  • Providing Insights - continuously improving things, identifying key issues, & making intuitive judgements

  • Examining Information - processing information, asking probing questions & finding solutions

  • Understanding People - showing empathy, listening to people & understanding motivation

  • Developing Strategies - forming strategies, anticipating trends & envisaging the future

  • Generating Ideas - producing ideas, inventing approaches & adopting radical solutions

  • Challenging Ideas - questioning assumptions, challenging established views & arguing own perspective

  • Convincing People - persuading others, shaping opinions & negotiating

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Contact Sarah

Synthesis Transformation

Arnworth House, Arnworth Avenue, Grouville, Jersey JE3 9BP

Tel: 07797778965

Email: sarah@synthesis.org.uk