Sarah Howard

I am a Psychosynthesis Executive Leadership Coach with further qualifications in systemic and embodiment disciplines. In the last 3 years I have been an Executive Leadership Coach, for clients located in Jersey and London. My clients are women in senior leadership roles, who are responsible for innovative change.

I have over 30 years experience as a Chartered Accountant supporting the financial planning, financial management and development of business cases for the design and implementation of change up to the value of half a billion pounds in the public health care sector. This is invaluable in understanding and relating to the difficulties my leadership clients face implementing sustainable global change. As a qualified teacher of adults, I have experience teaching and facilitating change for professionals. With a passion for continual personal and professional development, I have qualifications in psychology, mindfulness, and embodiment practices. I use these skills with clients to manage and moderate their responses to change.

Within my Parish Community in the last 3 years, I led the development of a strategy for Grouville to support the achievement of carbon neutrality. This work was driven by a desire to play my part in creating a future for younger generations and a need to understand how business & personal decisions change when reducing carbon footprints. Environmental Grouville is a community driven platform established by me, dedicated to achieving the implementation of our carbon neutrality strategy and protecting the environment. I have played a leading role in collaboration with other Parishioners in envigorating historic democratic processes through the Parish Assemblies. Attendances of more than 200 parishioners were recorded for the contested Roads Committee election and the 2022 successful Requēte which contributed to amendments to the Island Bridging Plan, in particular to preserving Grouville’s important wetlands. When parishioners collaborate, they co-create a vision for the whole community. Flatter group structures with partnerships that use the best of different talents and experiences empower individuals and result in quicker implementation of change.

Sarah's Top 8 Strengths

  • Exploring Possibilities - developing concepts, applying theories & identifying underlying principles

  • Providing Insights - continuously improving things, identifying key issues, & making intuitive judgements

  • Examining Information - processing information, asking probing questions & finding solutions

  • Understanding People - showing empathy, listening to people & understanding motivation

  • Developing Strategies - forming strategies, anticipating trends & envisaging the future

  • Generating Ideas - producing ideas, inventing approaches & adopting radical solutions

  • Challenging Ideas - questioning assumptions, challenging established views & arguing own perspective

  • Convincing People - persuading others, shaping opinions & negotiating

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Synthesis Transformation

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Tel: 07797778965

Email: sarah@synthesis.org.uk