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Through Synthesis, Sarah hosts discovery for transformation within a framework of Evolutionary Leadership. Its evolved in an organic and integrative way over three decades of her professional training, commercial experience, personal journeying, and determination to become authentic and whole. We are all leaders in some aspect of our daily lives, and in these roles we are facing challenges. We are at a unique turning point in the history of humanity where old systems are breaking down through external challenges beyond our control in this environment of health, economic and climate crises. This is everyone's problem. We are all impacted by these external forces in our personal and working lives. This breakdown is part of a natural order in any complex system making way for a new paradigm to emerge. We are at a point of global transformation, a chaotic and seemingly unstable place, however within the chaos there is a new order waiting to be perceived.


Sarah provides a supportive holding environment for you to unpack, understand and integrate the whole of yourself in everything that you do. Through this process you will find innovative solutions to problems providing stepping stones toward transformation. Whether your leadership role is large or small, within a corporate, family or group environment, Sarah has a track record of supporting your change goals.​

Sarah Howard

I bring a unique skill set of logic, enthusiasm and creativity in a collaborative approach that provide the essential elements that support you in achieving your step change goals.

  • Training and qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young, my 30 years of commercial experience, has taken me into short, medium and long term planning, where I developed the ability to support leaders at all levels and develop teams that provided a vision in financial terms and implement change in large and small organisations, both in the public and private sectors.  

  • Gaining a Cert Ed in adult education, I have two decades of experience as a 16+ teacher. Teaching expanded my emotional intelligence as well as my ability to communicate in a variety of different ways to support understanding and enhance learning.

  • I have applied my Graduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis, transpersonal psychology,  for more than a decade to my own life and my clients at Synthesis Transformation. In 2017 I extended my psychology training to a Postgraduate Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching, and have subsequently further specialised in Systemic & Embodiment Coaching disciplines. 

  • Two decades of experience in a variety of complimentary well-being practices have tuned my intuition enabling me to see and understand the softer, more fluid aspects of change. 

  • A qualified Mindfulness Teacher with a decade of teaching experience underpinned by two decades of ongoing personal meditation practice, mean that I am able to support my clients to understand what is really going on at an inner level, which may be impacting outer relationships and change goals.

  • My RYS Yoga Alliance qualification in Traditional Tantric Yoga obtained in India and 5 years teaching experience, draw together my expertise in the integration of body, mind, and energy field.

My breadth and depth of experience as a Chartered Accountant working to design and implement change at the highest levels in both the public and private sectors, together with my skills in mindfulness and yoga make me a one-woman illustration of human wholeness, with coaching supporting the integration. 

Sarah's Top 8 Strengths

  • Exploring Possibilities - developing concepts, applying theories & identifying underlying principles

  • Providing Insights - continuously improving things, identifying key issues, & making intuitive judgements

  • Examining Information - processing information, asking probing questions & finding solutions

  • Understanding People - showing empathy, listening to people & understanding motivation

  • Developing Strategies - forming strategies, anticipating trends & envisaging the future

  • Generating Ideas - producing ideas, inventing approaches & adopting radical solutions

  • Challenging Ideas - questioning assumptions, challenging established views & arguing own perspective

  • Convincing People - persuading others, shaping opinions & negotiating


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Synthesis Transformation

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Tel: 07797778965