Purchasing a Yoga Drop In Plan

Use these 60minute and 90minute drop in links to select your class. At checkout you get the option of purchasing a payment plan. The plan allows you to drop into any 6 classes over a 12 week period. There are 3 plan options:


  1. 6 x 60minute classes for £66 (available only on the 60 minute drop in link checkout)

  2. 6 x 90 minute classes for £99(available only on the 90 minute drop in link checkout)

  3. 3 x 60minute plus 3x 90minute classes for £82.50 (available on both the 60 & 90 minute drop in links checkout)

1. Choose the day and time of class you want to join, click Buy a pricing plan, then click Next...

Yoga 60 schedule.jpg

2. Select your payment plan...

Select Your Payment Plan.jpg

3. Sign up to be a member or log in in if you are already a member. If you are permanently signed in it will miss this step and go straight to step 4. Below...

Sign Up.jpg

4. Proceed to payment by entering your card details.

Each time you now go back into the drop in link it will recognise your plan and book you into a session deducting 1 session off your total of 6.

You will receive a booking confirmation via email each time you book a class.

Proceed to payment.jpg