Part 5 of a set of 5 meditations to support you through the natural process of Letting Go.


When creativity meets logic, we find powerful solutions to old problems. In this Merkabah activation mix you will be invited into a Herkimer Diamond Merkabah, a 3 Dimensional Star integrating the masculine and feminine poles in your energy field.


These meditations give you all the tools to be leader of your life. Be a strong and powerful leader in all aspects of your life! Amongst all the emotion and drama, remember to stand back and see the bigger picture from the balcony, where we can view events from a different perspective, celebrate, detach, have gratitude and let go.


Above all we need to progress through the emotional blood, sweat and tears until we find the creative space of the star. A place where we hold space trusting in the natural flow of life to provide us with something new at the T-junction. When we have learned our lessons, we never have to experience this particular drama again. We are free to progress up and around the great spiral of life.


Work your way through all 5 of these Letting Go healing meditations, and revisit them as often as you like through the 30 day link that you will receive via email. Let the dance floor and balcony help you to find your own authentic rhythm and flow with the help of these 5 healing meditations:


1. Use the Water cleanse mix to wash away the old;


2. The Foundational Sequence mix is a great tool when anxiety starts knocking on your door;


3. New Horizons mix will help you to discern the subtleties of the new starting to emerge;


4. Identify where our lessons lie and integrate the polarities of our daily existence through Reconnecting With Our True Nature;


5. The Merkabah activation mix will help you to integrate the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself at an energy level. When creativity (feminine) meets logic (masculine) we birth the spark of something completely innovative in our lives.


Remember to journey with humor. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Relax and enjoy the ride!


Sarah Howard, is a qualified Psychosynthesis Leadership Coach with unique skillsets applied at the highest levels in both Public and Private sector organisations. What differentiates Sarah is that she is also skilled in the softer, more fluid aspects of transformation and has been working personally and professionally with Psychosynthesis over the past 10 years. Sarah is an Evolutionary Leader, one of less than 1% of the globes population of leaders, (Frederick Laloux, Reinventing Organisations). Sarah applies her unique skill set to support other leaders make the transition into evolutionary leadership so that they can bring the whole of themselves into everything that they do. In this way Sarah contributes to the much needed evolution of humanity, shifting us all into a new paradigm.

Merkabah Activation


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