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Einstein's scientifically accepted theory of general relativity proves that we are all impacted by gravitational waves, created by the movement of large objects in the universe - the planets in our solar system. Gravitational waves carry information from the source that produced them, and this impacts our everyday lives.  We are born with the energetic imprint of the astrological placements of the planets at the time of birth, our unique birth chart. In this online course you will learn how to decode your own birth chart, and through doing this gain the first insights into the energy of the planets and how they impact us on a daily basis.


The course comprises of a 3 hour interactive and practical video with a pdf download of the slides. The course will enable you to:

  • Draw down your birth chart - note you will need to know the time of your birth.

  • Decode the houses, signs, planets and aspects in your birth chart.

  • Gain sight of known and unknown resources and skills.

  • Gain sight of known and unknown knots to work through in your life time.

  • Expand your field of awareness, supporting your personal growth at an inner level and transformation of your life at an outer level.

The cost of the online course is only £30.00! It will help you to understand and relate to the systemic forces that Sarah talks about in all her offerings at Synthesis. This is a great investment to create tangible change in your life! Why not book a 1:1 with Sarah, or a set of Personal Development Coaching sessions after you complete this course to deepen your understanding.

Upon completion of the form below and payment for the course, you will receive immediate access to all materials.

Please note that this video was originally produced for a package that incorporated the cost of 2 hours coaching. You will hear references to meeting up with Sarah for coaching in the video. The cost of coaching sessions has been removed from the pricing of this course and is therefore not included in your £30 purchase. If you would like to meet up with Sarah for a 1:1 or coaching to deepen your understanding and to work through knots or develop your skills, you can make a separate booking with Sarah.

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Many thanks for purchasing my online astrology course "Decoding Your Birth Chart". You will shortly receive links to the online course and & pdf download of the video. Enjoy!