Crystal MeditationsOnline

Living Your Journey, Loving Your Life!

Ideally suited to those who have completed mindfulness classes, or those who are familiar with energy work and their personal journey. 

In this set of 4 creative self development meditation classes commencing Thursday 5th November 7.30pm to 9pm, join the live physical group in the Synthesis Meditation Room via zoom where Sarah will explain the prevailing systemic forces through astrology, and how this may be affecting you in your daily life. Each week the class will commence with  mindfulness or other traditional meditation practices. After a group discussion, Sarah will then guide you in a creative healing meditation with the use of crystals and other energy practices to assist in balancing and harmonising your daily life so that you can move through and continue on living your journey, loving your life.

This course is the perfect foundation for Reiki Level 2 commencing Saturday 14th December. Speak to Sarah for more details.