Jonathan Renouf, former Executive Producer of the BBC Science Department

In relation to the Climate Emergency proposition brought by Sarah to the Parish of Grouville in July 2019,  leading to an action working group led by Sarah during September 2019 to December 2019 and a final report written by Sarah in December 2019

It’s inspiring to see how organised the Grouville Climate Emergency Action Working Group are, and how much they have achieved in such a short space of time. What’s particularly impressive is the way they have sought to engage the energy of the whole community, drawing ideas from many different sources, and yet managing to maintain a coherent framework for their action plan. It is encouraging to see that whenever people are given the opportunity to engage in the struggle against climate change, there is a never a shortage of energy, passion or commitment. I hope that the different parishes can draw strength from each other, and perhaps “ratchet up” both the quality and quantity of good ideas as a result. Certainly, the work that Grouville has already done will help us in St Brelade.