Synthesis Seymour Tower Retreat August 11th 2018

August 13, 2018



Arie and I hosted the latest discovery for change retreat offering for Synthesis on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th August experiencing all the elements of nature including 4 tides on the historic Jersey Heritage Trust Seymour Tower site. We were 7 intrepid explorers taking this unique opportunity to get in touch with and rebalance our whole selves on Jersey's National Park RAMSAR wetlands site.


Each retreat that we hold is unique, because of the individuals, the timing and the location of the event. One of the many special features of this retreat was the new moon solar eclipse. This was the only weekend date that I could get for the Tower this summer, and I was delighted when I realised that the astrology was not only a new moon call for a fresh start, but also a solar eclipse in Leo giving us all an extra press on the restart button regarding our purpose and direction.


We cleansed ourselves through yoga, swimming, drinking water and eating plenty of delicious home cooked vegan food. We spent our evening reflecting on what we were releasing and looking at our life direction with the help of the archetypes and Roberto Assagioli's helpful psycho-spiritual & philosophical psychosynthesis model. This together with my unique group coaching holding framework, created a confidential, gentle, safe yet intimate space to explore, reflect and share.


Just before we retired to the towers 8 bunkbeds, Arie invited us to experience the sea sparkles of the phytoplankton in the rock pools left on the sea bed right outside the tower at low tide. There were squeals of delight as we splashed around barefoot in the cool water sparking up the plankton creating a new map of the universe under our feet! As we splashed we looked up and saw Mars twinkling its red glow to the side of the tower, encouraging us to release and let go.


This was a gentle, spacious experience of release. One where we stretched time and space, and gracefully let go, creating space to allow the new seeds of potential that are always present within us to start to grow, and in so doing, expanding our own personal field of consciousness.


On the Sunday we woke up to our second high tide and practiced some more integrative yoga before breakfast. We then moved onto our final activity where we gave and received a deeply sacred walking massage. This created space for our final detox meal before we had to pack up and depart under the cleansing drizzle that perfectly appeared for our walk back to the main land of Jersey!


Interested in a Synthesis retreat? Contact Sarah or Arie today to find out how to arrange your own Synthesis transformational retreat and the next available dates at Seymour Tower. Synthesis hosts discovery for change within academic researched model frameworks of Evolutionary Leadership. Through this process you will find innovative solutions to problems providing stepping stones toward transformation. Whether your leadership role is large or small, within a corporate, family or group environment, Synthesis has a track record of supporting your change goals.


Synthesis has evolved in an organic and integrative way over three decades of the founders professional training, commercial experience, personal journeying, and determination to become authentic and whole. We are all leaders in some aspect of our daily lives, and in these roles we are facing huge challenges. We are at a unique turning point in the history of humanity where old systems are breaking down through external challenges beyond our control, including political conflicts, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, inequality in private asset ownership, the decline in natural resources and the disruption of ecosystems through industrial pollution. We are all impacted by these external forces in our personal and working lives. This breakdown is part of a natural order in any complex system making way for a new paradigm to emerge. We are at a point of global transformation, a chaotic and seemingly unstable place, however within the chaos there is a new order waiting to be perceived.



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