New Crystals Arrived!

May 8, 2018


Watch out! I have been introduced to a new wholesale supplier. Jan & Stacey spend 3 months a year travelling the world finding the best crystals from the most ethical sources. Its taken them many years to discern who they want to do business with, and the quality really shines through. I spent a whole afternoon in their showroom, and left delighted, if a little energy high, with my purchases.


You can experience the crystals in all the events being run in the spring/summer season at Synthesis, and they will be available to purchase if you like working with them. Take a look at the programmes on the web page to join in on the integrative yoga, reiki practitioners energy development, Seymour tower retreat...and much much more.


So, I'm going to group the crystals into points & wands, quartz, calcites, and sparkles; please note sparkles is not a technical term, whilst the others are!


Above you can see the ametrine points. Ametrine is a mix of amethyst and citrine, did you know they are exactly the same chemical composition? its simply that citrine is yellow because it has been subjected to more heat. Do be careful when buying citrine that you don't get heat treated amethyst; natural citrine is not easy to find. Anyway, these natural points all the way from Bolivia are simply delicious with sparkles and rainbows present in all of them. Their overriding message seems to be "strength & fearlessness in creating abundance", they are delightful powerhouses.






The clear quartz points standing in the centre and around the outside of the infinity mandala above are a wonderful find. Clear quartz acts as a magnifier of energy, and it is also piezoelectric, which means that we can apply amplification to our energy practices through tapping one of these little points - around 5cm each, they are handy pocket size power boosters!


I also have THE most beautiful clear quartz wand at around 10cm in length with rounded tip and bottom, it has rainbows of angels and butterflies within it, a magnificent piece.






The natural citrine points above blend in so well with the moss, its like they don't want to be seen! Their job is to magnify the abundance of beauty around them. You simply won't be able to hide in the presence of these little points - approximately 3cm each - they will encourage you to see yourself in your true magnificence!






Just take a look at these stunning points and sparkles that I have arranged into an infinity strength mandala, enhanced with flower energy of buttercup.


I have never seen these diamantina quartz points before, and whilst they are expensive (approximately £13 for the points in this mandala), oh my word they pack a clear punch. Being quartz we can program them to hold whatever intention we like as well as adding power magnification to any mandala or healing.


The little sparkles in-between the diamantina points are Herkimer diamonds. Don't underestimate their potency because of their size, these little sparkles are powerfully cleansing, and incredibly direct. Got some gunk to clear? Here are your new best friends! The herkimers in this mandala cost approximately £6, so are good value fairy dust in all your energy practices. If you want bigger Herkimer diamonds, I have them too.







Pictured above are frosted pink calcite with a couple of celestite egg tumbles floating around the outside (blue eggs which I will mention later below). This pink calcite has a high and fast vibration which goes straight to the heart. Its vibration also goes to the head, aligning the head thoughts with the heart. Yup, this is one for your crystal collection.


Other calcites I have purchased are mango and cobaltoan. You can see the bright pink cobaltoan calcite tumbles surrounding the green moonstone in the picture below.


Mango calcite is incredibly soothing on the physical body. If you are experiencing hormonal changes, or any kind of transition in life, these will help maintain balance through what may seem like mahem!


The cobaltoan calcite is a powerful agent of flow. It facilitates movement and expansion through the whole of the body, raising the energy vibration and allowing the heart to expand.


It seems there is much heart work to be done this spring and summer, and these calcites will help heart expansion in different ways...come and find your tool of choice.






The quartz section include some awesome crystals such as lemon quartz (pictured above) and sulphur quartz that I have never seen before! They are truly crystals of this moment in time, they are here to help us to balance, harmonise and integrate our whole selves. The learned patterns of our forefathers have passed down the generations, some of those patterns are helpful, some are not. The quartz crystal combination of lemon, sulphur, tangerine,  and smokey quartz will help us to find and integrate the lost aspects of the feminine and masculine that have been abandoned in the age of patriarchy.


I cannote tell you how excited I am about these crystals, and am looking forward to introducing them into our "integrative yoga" journey this spring at Synthesis. Sign up via the programmes link on the website, or make contact with me directly if you want to reerve a place.


Additionally under quartz, I am going to include petrified wood because the organic matter becomes replaced primarily by quartz. I know you all love my large pertrified wood slice which acts as the grounding centre piece in all our sessions. I now have some  small pocket size pieces of petrified wood, and can also access large (even bigger than mine) petrified wood slices. Let me know if you would like to see photos, they are stunningly beautiful, but are  mostly in excess of £100 so will need to be special orders.







 Ok, and now for the sparkles! So I have already shown you the diamantine quartz and the Herkimer diamonds that are headline sparkles, but I'm not finished on awesome sparkliness....take a look at moonstone! They take my breath away. They are part of the feldspar family which moonstone comes from, but these are green! They are a new find and addition to the feldspar group so you wont find them in your crystal books - just throw them away anyway!


This moonstone exudes feminine. Its calming, nurturing, intuitive, soft, wise - can you think of any more desirable feminine qualities? I bet you will sense them in this crystal. One for the full or new moon I think!









Look at this beauty! Its a one off sparkle piece of purple ruby. Do you see the natural symbols the photo has picked up on the shiny surface? They look like some of the Sanskrit I learned whilst I was in India. We did some awesome meditations using Sanskrit symbols on the body, I think I will channel energy through this when I adapt that meditation in our yoga practice - eeeek! Its all sooooo exciting, I can't wait, can you?


Finally, I have some beautiful celestite egg tumbles, some of which have  rainbows. Many of you will know I have been searching for tumbles for some time now, and at an average size of 3cm they are perfect for healing and mandalas.


So, come along and join a class this spring/summer at Synthesis and experience the energy of these new crystals and maybe buy one or two to add to your existing collection, or start a collection today. I have lots of other crystals in stock (take a look at them on my FB page) and am creating a shop style display for them in my 1:1 therapy room so you can access them every time you come in to Synthesis.


I'm looking forward to seeing you all soon in the new yoga studio  as well as the group meditation room at Synthesis xxx







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