Just for Fun - messages from the full moon crystals




Crystal number 1 - Aqua Aura

These a simply beautiful iridescent bundles of alchemic love power. We are reaching a point in our evolution where science meets nature/creativity/spirituality. If we can find a harmony we will be propelled forward. These clear quartz crystals have been vapourised with pure gold.  They activate the throat through the solar plexus and the heart encouraging us to express our power with love, which will transform your life on the physical plane. Aqua Aura wants you to know that you are worth it. it may be that you keep yourself stuck in some pretty heavy mental programmed belief that you are not worthy, you are not good enough. Its time to say NO to those old programmed messages, deeply ingrained into your psyche. Its time to push through and make changes to the inner voices, those redundant outmoded aspects of yourself. Its time to speak your truth to the outside world with the power of love.


Life isn't easy, lord knows you know that, take the action that needs to be taken, break it down into small chunks. each small step will create a ripple effect which will transform your life and the way you see it and yourself. Reclaim your power. Ask aqua aura to shift the heaviness you have been experiencing, and transform it like the alchemists who transformed lead into gold





Crystal number 2 - Auralite Amethyst

It's Auralite because it comes from Thunder Bay in Canada and is scientifically proven to being the world's oldest crystal gemstones having developed more than 1.5 billion years ago! You do know that crystals hold energy records right? Well this crystal holds a mighty ancient record,  Auralite is indicating that you are tapping into some lost potential, some ancient wisdom. What was lost has now been found and is strengthening & solidifying within you


Be reassired that you are safe as you unfold your new gifts. Call upon your guides to give you support as this ancient wisdom starts to rise to the surface. Long forgotten aspects of humanity are rising from the shadows to be integrated back into your every day life. Record your dreams, listen to your intuition, meditate, read those books that you put down because they were too difficult to understand. The ancient wisdom is rising and is available to you right now.



Crystal number 3 - Rhodochrosite

This premium heart healer says that there is a lightness in your heart, do you feel it?


You are starting or will start to understand yourself from a higher dimension. You are more than a physical being. At some level you are your body, but you are more than that, and at another level you are not your body. You are aware of your thoughts, and you may have noticed you are not your thoughts. As you moved into your feelings you were brave enough to feel them, but you are more than your feelings. At another level you are more than your feelings.


You are moving to a higher level of consciousness, you are starting to commune with your essence. The essence of your pure potential. Rhodochrosite asks you to open your heart to your higher self. Open the pathway to that beautiful flow of communication which will guide you along a whole new journey, the journey of the bigger more authentic you. This is the point where science meets creation, its the point that propels you to a whole new level of understanding of you and your purpose. Let Rhodochrosite help you open up to this magical journey.






Crystal number 4 - Natural Citrine

From South Africa these are magical abundance creators! The message from the citrine is to have gratitude for every experience. The more gratitude you have, the more you will receive.


Furthermore citrine says that you are understanding your will, your action centre from a new and higher perspective. There is no need to push. You are on the great travellator of life. All that you need will come to you as and when you need it. Conserve your energy dear one. Take action when all the elements are right in front of you. Do not fear, for fear reduces your will power, relax, enjoy life, laugh, make those connections with family and friends, there are many more friends coming your way.


You are the creator of your life, pushing limits the potential of the future, fear obliterates the potential; Relax and enjoy the ride of your life! Take responsibility by taking actions to soothe your fears so that you can relax and enjoy the journey. Be the alchemist that takes the elements and shapes them into your visioned form; its bounty is much much greater than you ever could have realised.



Well that was fun! thanks for joining in. Don't forget the Full Moon Crystal Meditation class this Thursday 5th October 2017 7.30pm to 9pm. Contact me to reserve your place, numbers are limited x

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