10 Ways Reiki Changed My Life


I have recently heard talk that Reiki is "outmoded". This has left me with a sinking feeling that somehow personal development/spiritual practice is becoming a fast moving commodity. Reiki was my entry point onto my journey, and has been a comforting thread through my evolution over the last 15 years. Far from being outmoded it has provided a wealth of resources, practices and insights that have assisted my personal/spiritual development and ongoing transformation. Here are 10 of the ways that Reiki has changed my life:


1. Relaxation - when giving a Reiki healing you become a channel of healing vibration for the receiver. This is a deeply relaxing experience for both the client and the healer. I have profound sensations of heart opening and love through both giving and receiving Reiki channelled healings.


2. Strengthening Connection With Spirit - The attunements received through the 3 levels of Reiki are spiritual rites of passage where sacred symbols are used to open the energy field to higher levels of vibration. With each attunement level I have been profoundly aware of a clearer and enhanced connection with spirit. In my opinion, its impossible for these sacred symbols to become outmoded, they are further energised and more deeply empowered through the thousands of years of their use.


3. Cleansing The Energy Field - As empaths we have a tendency to suck up other peoples painful mental thoughts and emotions. Its what we are specialists at! We are the energy cleaners of the planet! This is all well and good, however, if we don't cleanse and clear our energy field regularly, it may ultimately lead us to physical and/or mental illness. Reiki practitioners are trained with the tools to cleanse and clear their own energy field. My experience is that when I cleanse and ground as a daily practice, I live a much more balanced and harmonious life.


4. Healing Through Rebalancing - leading on from the last point, its also important that we learn to understand how and why we take on others energy patterns. Reiki practice helps us to become more self reflective. Through complimenting Reiki with other psychotherapeutic or philosophical practices I have learned how to identify aspects of myself that are no longer helpful to my health and wellbeing, creating space to allow more of the authentic essence to flow in or integration of lost aspects of myself from the shadow.


5. Supporting The Spiritual Journey -we are energetic beings of light on a physical journey. When we die out of spirit into our physical life we seem to forget that our essence is energy. If you have ever experienced the passing of a loved one, you will have noticed that they no longer look like the person that they were whilst they were alive. Their light has gone, reborn back into the spiritual realm, lost to the physical. When I remembered that my essence is a divine spark of light which cannot be extinguished, life took on a different meaning to me, and Reiki has supported this philosophy.


6. Foundation For All Spiritual Practices -Each level of Reiki provides a sound foundation of theory and practice which supports learning in all other modalities of psycho spiritual and personal development that I have undertaken.


7. Self Healing - I still use the self healing treatment that I was taught in Reiki level 1 to this day. I may add a meditation breathing practice and/or a visualisation or crystal along with it from time to time; there's another benefit to Reiki, I can layer it with other healing techniques. Self healing and continual professional development is an essential part of being a healer; its all part of the unfolding healing journey that continues throughout the healers life.


8. Growing a Healing Business - Reiki level 2 atunement allows you to gain insurance to offer healing practices to the general public. This is merely a possibility, it is not of course obligatory!


9. Making a Positive Difference - As Reiki has changed my life so this has filtered into the outside world. I believe that fundamentally we all want to play a part in making planet Earth a better place to live. That's what we are doing every day when we mindfully integrate our energy field with the universal grid, impacting change far and wide across the globe.


10. Meeting A Community Of Like Minded People - I believe its part of the healers journey to feel alone and isolated. Feeling like we don't belong. Feeling like we are aliens within our bodies, not to mention our family and community. As we step into a community of Reiki practitioners, we start to realise we are not alone, there are many more of us out there in the world. Reiki has connected me to a world wide community of like minded souls which enriches and energises my life. Reiki has supported the process of my trusting the outside world and stepping fully into it as the most current authentic version of myself! 


If this article has resonated with you and you feel inspired to find out more, Sarah runs a variety of meditation and healing modalities through her holistic healing business and retreat centre at Synthesis Therapies in Jersey, Channel Islands. Sarah also runs online courses and hosts other local Channel Island and global practitioners.


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